I’ve been working on making a custom mapset for my Garmin 62s. At some point I might try to explain this in more detail, but I doubt it.

Here is a beta version of the Gorge Mapset, version 2.93. Installs registry settings for Mapsource
and Basecamp which can then be used to send the mapset/tiles to your handheld GPS.

UDDATED 31 MAR. 2014 – This update includes BLM data, 20′ contours and new trails –

Gorge Mapset 3.0 Mapsource/Basecamp Installer

Sendmap automatic installer 1.03 –

Sendmap Version Gorge Mapset + 1.03

Mac compiled version of the Mapset 2.93 –

Mac Gorge Mapset + 2.93

A cute picture of Mayhem’s Mapset –