Hiked up from MFL. Had planned on going up to Larch and returning on either the
Multnomah Basin road or the Wahkeena trail to avoid the floppers.

Not very much boot traffic today, was about 34° around 8:45 when I started and light rain.
Rain changed over to snow around 1200′. 2 trail runner guys passed me up after the slightly
damaged bridge. With about 2 miles to go I stopped and talked to Jack and his crew, they
were putting on snow shoes, I left mine at home. I told them they would probably pass me up
soon and they did! Saw them again near the top as they were heading down and took this picture
of them –

Jack, Spitfire, Nanae and Clark

And a picture Jack took of us at the end –

Snow depth as you get to the top of Larch was probably 12 to 18” on top of already consolidated
snow. The first significant snow depth started around 1400′.

The first two trail runners didn’t make it up to the top, same with a second 3 some of trail runners.

Jack and crew ended up breaking a lot of trail and since I didn’t bring my snow shoes it was
very awesome that they did!! Thanks again guys!

I tagged Sherrard Pt where I passed 1 couple that skied up from the gate and saw another
4 some of skiers that offered me to eat the snow off the Point’s bench!! Thanks again for
that kind offer!! Bailed right out of there so I wouldn’t freeze! Spitfire later told me
it was 25° up there.

Ended up running down and soon caught back up with Jack and crew and hiked the rest of
the day with them using the 420, Wahkeena Trail to avoid all the floppers. That little
thing adds you at least 400′ of more EG too!! :)

Saw Chris, arundodonax from Portland Hikers, hiking the 420 in the other direction.

I think snow shoes were borderline, but would have been needed for sure if there was no
track. Reason I chose Larch today was I figured there would be some track and I could
leave the snow shoes at home…